After I officially gave notice at my publishing job a few weeks ago, Matt and I finally tackled the office space in our apartment.  When we moved into our 700-square-foot Brooklyn home, we used the small back room mostly as a place to store miscellaneous furniture.  We came to think of the space as mine, primarily because it housed my closet and two shelves full of my books.  As we began discussing the possibility of my career shift, revamping the room and turning it into a more functional office space for me was always a priority.

The room is tiny, but after an afternoon at Target and some game-time decisions that allowed us to keep old pieces rather than buying new, we had turned it into a comfortable, cheerful space that makes me feel productive and inspired.


Spoiler alert: There are more than a few wedding photos featured in my office space.  I’m a newlywed– can you blame me?
I’m the kind of girl who likes a lot of colorful, positive images around during the workday.



My mom sent me this quote from British spiritual teacher Jeff Foster.  It’s so perfect for this moment in my life that I had to copy it down and hang it right at eye level in my office.


I worked in the publishing industry for five years, so you can only imagine how many books I’d collected by the time I was ready to pack up my cubicle last week.  I shipped two huge boxes full of books back to my apartment and swapped out many of the titles that had been sitting on these shelves to make room!

One of the things I increasingly struggled with at my corporate gig was the routine of sitting in a gray, windowless cubicle for nine hours a day, every day.  It made me feel trapped and, quite frankly, just…sad.  I am excited to have created a workspace that feels more like “me.”  I’m so motivated when I walk through the rest of our apartment and see the office, knowing that I have the opportunity to sit myself down here at any given moment to work, create, and hustle.

We’re still planning to paint the room, and I’m thinking about a soft, buttery yellow.  Do you have any other ideas?

One of Matt’s fantasy football drafts fell on the same day that we fixed up the office.  I walked out of the room to make dinner, and within seconds he had settled in to try out the new space and draft his team— I couldn’t help but take a photo!