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Today, I wanted to share a few thoughts about a topic that I love, hate, love to hate, and hate to love: SNACKS.

Sure, snack foods might seem a trivial topic for a post, but I’ve decided to run with it, anyway, and for two main reasons: 1.) Honestly, snacks are great. 2.) In the (almost) three full weeks that I’ve been working from a home office, I’ve had to pay a bit more attention to the way that a snack here or there figures into my day.

During the years that I spent working in a typical office environment, my co-workers and I would joke about how a closer proximity to our home kitchen during the day would impact our productivity.  “If I worked from home, I would LITERALLY just eat things from my kitchen all day long,” one friend said.  “I would barely get anything done because I would be too busy snacking.”

As a young woman, I’ve always felt the standard pressures to keep myself healthy and looking my best.  I can also admit that, having been a perfectionist since Day One, I am perhaps a bit harder on myself when it comes to body image.  It’s something I’ve struggled with throughout my adult life, and it tends to (unfortunately) dictate a lot of my routines and decisions.  I work through it on a daily basis by exercising whenever I can and being diligent about cooking three healthy meals a day.  My major weakness when it comes to my health is (and always has been)…SNACKS!

I have a serious sweet tooth and just generally prefer grazing throughout the day to eating big meals.  Because I work hard at the gym and do my best when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I more or less allow myself to indulge my snacking sensibilities when the mood strikes.  I’ve learned over the years that I can’t be too strict.  I maintain good habits overall, and I believe that being restrictive about food leads to even bigger problems down the road.

STILL, I knew that being twelve steps from my full kitchen when I transitioned to a home office (yes, it’s twelve steps– I just checked) would be an interesting new part of the daily routine.  At my corporate gig, I would usually have two snacks to bookend my small-ish lunch, and that always worked for me.  I was anxious about managing the temptation to more fully embrace my preference for “grazing.”

I’ll be honest– it’s been up and down.  For the majority of my first two weeks in the home office, I rarely thought about grabbing a snack, because I was focusing so much on scheduling my days that a KIND bar in the afternoon was about the only thing I could wrap my head around.  I’m working a lot harder this week than I was before, but I’m also getting a bit more comfortable with my schedule and space, so I find myself more tempted to visit the kitchen even if I’m not 100% hungry.

Generally speaking, my new work-from-home routine has made me feel SO MUCH more physically healthy.  My sleep schedule is slowly normalizing, I am able to get the exercise I need to feel my best, and I spend more time on cooking my meals the way I prefer them– healthfully, and so they fuel my body the way they should.  Snacks are, however, the piece that I’m still figuring out, and since I’m working hard to be open about every step of this journey, I wanted to share this one–as un-glamorous as it is.

Do any of you prefer “grazing” or snacking to big meals?  How do you curb your sweet tooth or snack cravings?

(Also, fun fact: I bought the gummies and marshmallow cereal included in the picture above purely as props for my snacking photo shoot.  Feel free to come take them off my hands!)