six months married.

Hello hello! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend of holiday celebrations (no matter what you celebrate!) and that this last week of 2016 is off to a good start, whether you are still in holiday mode or back at the office. Matt and I are staying here in Pennsylvania for the rest of the week — it’s rare that he gets to take time like this off from work, so we are logging some serious down time and I am working from my parents’ kitchen table. Not a bad way to wind down the year!

In the excitement of the holiday season, I missed the opportunity to more officially celebrate our six-month wedding anniversary. I’m sure decades from now, when we’ve been married for years and years, these monthly milestones will seem less significant, but for now, half a year still seems like a pretty big deal! We’ve now been together for almost eight years, but this six-month anniversary of our marriage feels monumental compared with every other unofficial anniversary we’ve celebrated.

I never doubted that Matt would be an incredible husband, but he’s surpassed even my expectations. Neither of us expected that our lives would so drastically change in the months immediately after our wedding, but thanks to my major career shift, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the second half of 2016. Matt has never once questioned our ability to weather the changes as a team, and he’s never given me a reason to question myself, either. He’s consistently been my supporter, a mirror for my optimism — and on the days when it’s harder to feel confident, he’s strong, reliable, and reassuring. He is capable and selfless, and he makes me laugh for all the best (and weirdest) reasons. He has somehow helped to make what could have been a scary and overwhelming time feel comfortable and full of promise.

Ours is not a perfect marriage, and we are learning all the time. But I don’t think I could have possibly wished for a stronger foundation to build my adult life on, and I know I could not have wished for a better partner to do it with. Matt, thank you for standing by my side and loving me so well for these last six months. I can’t wait for the hundreds and hundreds of months still to come.

Check out some photos from our wedding below — I wasn’t blogging then, so this is my first chance to share them and brag a little about my brilliant friends at Bri Cibene Photography! Seriously, Bri and her husband Michael are incredible, and I can’t imagine anyone capturing our day better. You can check out her blog post about our wedding here, but keep scrolling for just a few of my (many) favorite images.

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Oh wow, I really miss this day : )

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