Hello, friends! It’s a very rainy Tuesday here in NYC and for once I’m glad that I had a bit of insomnia last night because I was up bright and early and finished my errands/gym time before the bad weather started! I also have an especially heavy workload this week, and something about the rain makes it easier to stay focused and be as productive as I need to be.

I realized recently that a lot of new people have started following along since I launched the blog back in September (hi, everyone!), so I wanted to take today’s post to re-introduce myself for the newbies and (at the risk of boring everyone who already knows me and my story) share seven fun facts about myself (since it’s the 7th). Let’s do it!

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HI! My name is Alli. I live in a cozy little apartment in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn and work out of my home office (which is in desperate need of an intern AKA puppy) as a full-time freelance writer. I launched Finding Plan A back in September 2016 after I quit my 9-to-5 corporate publishing gig to pursue my love of writing and to get out of a working environment that just wasn’t right for me. Since then, I’ve been using this blog as a place to document what it’s like to go through a major career change and to share bits and pieces of my personal life, too. In addition to being a writer, I’m a reader, a gym regular, a half marathon runner, a cooking enthusiast, a reality TV fan, an animal lover, a sucker for all things creative, a proud big sister, a friend to some pretty fantastic humans, and a wife to Matt, who is my best friend of all. We got married back in June of 2016, and I still spend a lot of time thinking about our perfect wedding day.

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I’ll take any opportunity to bring back a wedding photo! Can you blame me? Bri Cibene Photography is the best. 

Life has been pretty crazy over the last few months, but it’s tested me and empowered me and restored my faith in myself — plus, I’m a lot happier these days!

And now for some fun facts —

  1. Last Friday, I gave myself the afternoon off for the first time in a few months and decided to take myself to the movies. Sing was playing and I was super excited to relax and watch something light-hearted until (I’m not exaggerating) a bunch of middle school kids boxed me in where I was sitting and stepped on my popcorn. I cried on the way home. This should show you that I am both very sensitive and highly claustrophobic.
  2. My husband and I have known each other since we were in eighth grade, but we went to a really big high school and were in such different groups (he was a cool soccer player and I was more the student government/newspaper editing type) that we barely knew each other until we reconnected the summer after freshman year of college.
  3. Rainbow sprinkles are one of my favorite foods, and if that’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right.
  4. When I was in second grade, I had my first taste of being published when a quote I sent in (via snail mail!) was printed (with a cut-out of my head) in American Girl Magazine. I was pretty mad that they didn’t let me expand on what I’d written in a full essay, but I got over it pretty quickly.
  5. I’ve never owned a pair of rain boots. (This probably is not practical.)
  6. I’m obsessive about having my nails painted perfectly, and as soon as one starts to chip, I have to take all the polish off and start again. I gave up manicures as part of my freelance budget, so I can drive myself pretty crazy these days constantly painting and re-painting.
  7. I insist on keeping my bedroom very cold at night (we open the window and turn on the fan even in the winer!), and then cover myself in four fleece blankets. It drives Matt crazy.

I’d love to learn more about you, too! Feel free to introduce yourself and/or share a fun fact in the comments below!