I’m SO excited to be collaborating today with my friend Angela Ribeiro of mrskfit.com. Angela is a certified personal trainer, and she and her husband Kendrick own a fitness studio in California. She also happens to be a new mom to super cute baby Gio!

Angela and I went to the same high school in Pennsylvania, but because of a huge student body (there were 700+ kids in our graduating class), we never got a chance to get to know each other. We’ve fixed that over the last few years via social media and have realized that we actually have A LOT in common. I only wish we’d known that back in PA  : )

As you may have picked up on, fitness and health are super important to me, but since I’m no expert, I haven’t shared too much here on the blog about my personal routine. Instead, I reached out to Angela (who is a pro!) and asked if she would be willing to make an appearance on Finding Plan A. I was so happy when she agreed to share some of her wisdom with us in a series of  guests posts!

Keep reading for Angela’s tips on strengthening your core, and follow her blog and Instagram for more great tips (and baby pics!). You may even see a familiar face over on her site today! 


Hi everyone!

I am so honored to be collaborating with Alli to bring you a series of full-body workouts that you can do at-home. Alli and I met in high school and re-connected on social media after college. I wish I would have had the chance to get to know her more while we were still living on the same coast! I recently gave birth to my son in December, and thought that my first post would be one that focused on the core — an area most of us aim to improve, including me!

My husband and I are the owners of Studio K-Fit in Redwood City, California and we believe being fit is more than just having that “beach body” (let it be known that I strongly dislike this phrase!).

A fit lifestyle starts with the proper mindset. There are too many fitness models out there who misrepresent what it takes to reach your fitness goals. They claim, “If you do this workout…you will get flat abs!” I’m sure we’ve all heard or read some variation of that phrase.

Unfortunately, fitness doesn’t work like that. Simply doing an ab workout is not enough to achieve that dream six-pack.

However, I’ll let you in on a little secret… there are three things I tell my clients they can do if they want to maximize any core routine:

  1. Improve your nutrition. Fitness doesn’t stop when you leave the gym — in fact, 70% of the struggle to lose weight or get more fit happens at home, with what we feed our body. Often times, we view nutrition as the “bad guy,” out to destroy all the delicious things we like to eat. Instead of telling clients to maintain a healthy diet ALL the time (this is just impossible, even for me) I tell them about the 80/20 rule. I encourage them to eat healthy 80% of the time. This adds up to roughly 6 days per month where they can enjoy their favorite treats (20%). I’ve found that when you start eating healthier, your body naturally craves better food, which decreases your cravings for unhealthy junk food.
  2. Add more cardio. The reality is we just don’t move enough. By not moving enough, our body is constantly storing fat (often in places we don’t want, such as the midsection). In order to shed through that fat layer, it’s important to have an effective cardio routine in place. I recommend between 2-3 hours per week for my clients. This could be walking, running, biking, rowing, skiing, etc. It’s also important to assess your lifestyle- are you a nurse and working on your feet? Or do you sit at a desk and work from a computer? Those working at a desk may need to be more intentional with how many steps/cardio they are getting per day. Invite a friend to go hiking, or join your co-workers for a walk at lunch; this will help keep you accountable!
  3. Strength train. Cardio will burn more calories during a workout, but the magic happens when you add strength training to your regimen. Strength training can help change your body composition. Why is this important? One pound of muscle burns five times more calories than one pound of fat…and this is simply at rest! Another perk is that one pound of muscle is much leaner than one pound of fat, helping you get that lean, toned look. Think of it as “more muscle= faster metabolism/less muscle = slower metabolism.” For those women worried about getting bulky, don’t sweat it! Testosterone is one of the primary hormones responsible for adding bulk to muscles, and most women simply don’t have enough testosterone. There is also a very specific type of training for those people looking to get bulky and it usually requires low reps and very heavy weights…all of which we will not be doing.

Ready to get started??

Core Workout:

Perform 3 rounds of the following exercises at 12, 10, and 8 reps each.

1 Butt Lift

2 Reach and Tuck

3 Oblique Dips*

4 Crossover Reach*

5 Sliders 

*make sure to do both sides for each round!*

You can find more workouts and fitness tips over at mrskfit.com and on Instagram.

Thanks for reading (and watching)!