i’m all ears!

Does the title of this post make any other ’90s kids out there think about the jingle for Radio Disney? (“Radio Disney….. we’re. all. ears!”) No? OK — maybe don’t tell me. I was a big fan of all things Disney as a kid, and the radio station was no exception… even though, now that I think about it, it was actually a lot of ads and interviews with people I didn’t even know. Also, the reception was never that clear.


In all honesty, though, I am all ears, and I’m really interested in checking in again to see what you’re thinking of the blog and how you’d like to see it continue to develop, especially since we’e gained some new readers in the last few months (hi! so happy to have you here!). I really am listening, and there are no wrong answers. I would love for you to share your feedback below. Even if you’ve responded to the other surveys I’ve posted, I think your updated opinions are really important!

Thanks so much for being part of my blog family! xo


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