It may seem pretty obvious for me to say that one of the (many) things that inspired me to start my own blog was how much I enjoy reading other blogs. Obvious, but true.

I love getting at the heart of someone else’s story. I love reading about what makes them tick. I love seeing the universe through their perspective and realizing how much easier it is to understand another worldview when you have an opportunity to get inside another person’s day-to-day experience. One of my favorite things to do in the blogging world is to backtrack through the archives of my most loved sites. It’s amazing to take a step back and watch how these women (almost all of the blogs I read are female-driven) have built a following and evolved in their storytelling.

Recently, I’ve been reading even more blogs than usual as part of the research I’m doing for my book, and it’s gotten my wheels turning at an entirely new level. These incredibly creative and unflinchingly honest voices have me feeling more inspired than ever to deliver fresh, cool content and to continue growing as a writer right here with all of you.

I woke up today with a fresh energy about this space, and I want to make it a priority over these next few weeks to brainstorm ideas for posts that will get all of you excited to continue reading and sharing Finding Plan A into its second year. Let’s do this, people.

The brainstorming is already in full force over here, but I’d love to give you the opportunity to be part of this process with me! We’ve gotten to know each other a bit over these past ten months, so tell me:

What do you want to know? What haven’t I shared? Are there topics you feel I’ve been avoiding? (This might be the case without my even knowing it!) Do you have specific questions about what it’s like to freelance or to work from home? Do you want to know more about my relationships or my life here in New York? Do you have questions about how any of what I’ve written so far can apply in your own life? What makes you laugh? Is there a topic that you’d like to know my opinion on? Is there anything you wish I would never write about ever again?

Seriously, friends, I want to know. I’d love the answers to these questions, and any other input you’d be willing to share. Growing this community with all of you has been one of the best experiences of this first post-corporate year for me, and I want to keep the love going. Please, please, please consider adding your two cents to the comment box below — and don’t worry about whether you’re hurting my feelings or asking a question that’s too crazy. I’m 100% all ears, and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


(I’ll see everyone back here on Monday for GIVEAWAY DAY! Happy weekend!)