It’s that time again… GIVEAWAY TIME! And it falls on a Friday, which makes it even better, in my book. This weekend, we have some extended celebrations for my birthday on the schedule, which should be really fun. In the meantime, though, let’s get to the giveaway…

My friend Alexa was kind enough to partner with me again this month to gift one lucky winner one of our favorite products from Beautycounter. As you may remember from the last Beautycounter giveaway, Alexa and I were close friends in elementary school and reconnected through social media. In the last few months, she’s introduced me to the natural skin care and beauty line, and I’ve gradually been converting to all of the products. I loovvveeee them. As a reminder, here’s what Alexa says sets this brand apart from the rest:

I was introduced to Beautycounter in 2015 and loved the concept behind the company. It has an amazing mission; as an education based company, it seeks to inform people of the deregulated personal care industry and strives for reform through updated litigation. I was astounded to learn that the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938! While this is extremely scary, the great news is that we as consumers do have safe options. Beautycounter takes the guess work out of deciphering ingredient lists. I am passionate about sharing safer beauty with friends, family, and everyone who is interested in protecting themselves from harmful chemicals. To me, Beautycounter is truly the third pillar to a healthy lifestyle, along with eating well/safe and working out. The best part is I don’t have to sacrifice amazingly effective skin care and gorgeous makeup for safety – Beautycounter provides it all in one!

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For September, we’ll be giving away the Adaptive Moisturizer, which is probably the best skin care product I’ve ever used. No joke! I use it every morning and it’s really helped brighten and balance out my face to the point where I rarely need to wear makeup. It’s lightweight, adapts to adjust hydration levels in your skin throughout the full day, and has a really light and beautiful scent. The fact that it’s so adaptive means that you can even wear it to the gym or to yoga class!

One of the best parts about the Beautycounter line, of course, is that it’s safe and natural. The Adaptive Moisturizer’s main ingredients are squalane from green olives, arginine from beetroot, and phytic acid from green rice. I love the product even more because its elements sound almost delicious!

All you have to do to enter to win a Beautycounter Adaptive Moisturizer of your own is COMMENT on this post! That’s it! As always, I’d love to see you share this link with friends so that more people have a chance to win (and to check out the blog!) — I run a giveaway every month, so there are plenty of chances!

I’ll draw the winner randomly one week from today, Friday 9/29. The winner will be announced right here on the blog. Good luck!

(Unfortunately, you’re not eligible to win this contest if you live outside of North America, due to shipping concerns. I’m sorry about that!)

You can check out the rest of Beautycounter’s offerings right here! Please be sure to shop that link so that we can support Alexa and the awesome business she’s building.

**As always, please note that I am giving my honest recommendations for this product. I’m receiving no compensation, and simply want to share items that have offered positive experiences for me!**