You already know this if you’ve been stopping by this space for a while, but I love getting feedback from readers — which is why I ask you for it every few months.

Seriously. Each time I put out a survey asking for your thoughts on how I can continue to grow and improve the blog, I feel giddy with every response that comes back. Even when I find out that there’s still work for me to do (and isn’t there always?), it makes me so happy to think that someone’s taken a few minutes of their time to share their thoughts on something that’s important to me. So if you’ve already replied to one of my previous surveys — I’m genuinely grateful! Thank you so much!

With the end of the year creeping (or rushing, depending on what day you ask me) toward us, I’m starting to plan for 2018, and since I obviously want to be sure that I’m continuing to deliver content that you actually want to read and can’t help but share with your friends, I’m asking for your help… again.

If you feel inspired, I’d love if you could pour yourself a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate and give me a dose of real deal feedback below.


Your feedback really does guide me moving forward, so don’t hesitate! We’re hosting our big Cookie Swap this weekend, so if your response is heavy with constructive criticism, I’ll have plenty of cookies to ease my pain and help me bounce back fast : ) Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts! And have an amazing weekend!