Yesterday, I was walking around my neighborhood without a jacket on… and today I woke up to snowCan someone please explain? This weather is so crazy and confusing — no wonder so many people are getting sick. (If you are one of those people, I hope you feel better soon!)

The show must go on regardless of weather, of course, and I’m so happy that today is the day I get to announce the winner of the January giveaway. Thanks to all who entered to win this month’s prize (an infinity charm bracelet from The Shine Project)! Please continue to check in each month for the giveaway… and, of course, the blog posts : ) The winner is selected based on a random drawing.

Congratulations to…

Lisa Hoppe!

Yay! You win! I’ll reach out via email today to make arrangements to send you your prize.


I’ll see everyone right back here on Friday, when I’ll be talking February goals. Don’t miss it!