Another month down, and another list of goals (mostly) tackled! There’s a lot to dig into here, so I’m just going to jump in with the briefest of shoutouts to my Passion Planner and Powersheets, which are continuing to keep me on track in 2018.

January was pretty much a home run in terms of checking off monthly goals (read more about that here!), and I can’t quite say the same for February. As frustrating as it was at times, I kept reminding myself that it was a short month — those three days we lost are the equivalent of 10 percent of any other month! — and that I deserved a little slack over the days when I was sick and traveling.

Monthly, weekly, and daily progress bars from my February Powersheets.

Here’s how it panned out:

  • Dive into brainstorming and planning the podcast. √ YES! I’m pretty late to the party with organizational and work flow systems, but I spent a lot of time in February playing with Asana and using it to build a lot of potential content for the show. I’ve also mapped out a pre-launch schedule, narrowed down to a short list of titles, and put a tentative launch date on the calendar — June 26.
  • Successfully launch next collaboration with Brittney Lynn. Because of some scheduling issues, Brittney and I decided to push the launch of our next collaboration (remember our free webinar?) back by a few weeks. That being said, we made good progress in February, and I’m excited to share more with you soon!
  • Stop checking Instagram first thing in the morning. √ YES! I kept this up through February, and I’m so glad I did. You can read more about how I’ve been working on my phone boundaries here.
  • Pitch to at least one of the outlets on my target list for 2018. √ YES! I’ve used a lot of different metrics to measure my pitching success over the last year, and I think this is my favorite. Focusing on this goal from month to month is a great way to stay focused on the big picture so I’m not getting stuck in a writing rut.
  • Save Fridays for big pitches and passion projects. Thanks to some travel and weekend visitors we had in February (such fun things!), I didn’t get to be as disciplined about this in February as I was in January, but I did work exclusively on pitching and passion projects every Friday that I was in the office.
  • Read three books. √ YES! Last month, I read The Immortalists (one of my favorites of the year so far, and a perfect read for fans of The Interestings and Emma Straub), Tell Me More (a really interesting memoir/essays hybrid all about the things that are the hardest — and arguably most important — to say), and Sing, Unburied, Sing (which felt a little too literary for my personal taste, but was beautifully written and will definitely be a classic for decades to come).
  • “Feel-good food.” √ YES! There were a few weekend days when I felt like I didn’t make the best possible choices, but doesn’t that happen to all of us? Overall, I think I did a much better job of balancing healthy eating with sweet tooth indulgences in February.
  • Work on the book three to four days a week, every week. Honestly, I lost some momentum here last month. I hate to make excuses for it, so I’ll just admit that I’ve been feeling a little uninspired and also insanely busy with paid work and own the fact that I’ve gotta get back on that train!
  • Take a day off. I can’t give myself full credit here, because although I took one afternoon off for our trip to Charlotte and another to spend time with my best friend who was in New York for a weekend, I didn’t officially set aside a free day for myself to do nothing. Those afternoons off were super fun, but I think there needs to be some intentionality for something to count as the true day off that I need.

And now… on to March! In February, I found myself in a kind of survival mode with work. I was hyper-focusing on smaller assignments, which I think killed some of my creativity and brought down the energy level I had at the beginning of the year around bigger projects. Overall, I’m hoping to take a bigger picture look at things in March so that I can invest time and effort in a wider diversity of things without burning out.

Here are a few specifics:

  • Successfully launch next collaboration with Brittney Lynn. You’ll hear more about this very soon! I can’t wait to see our hard work come to fruition. (Also, I’m finally meeting Brittney in real life at a conference we signed up for in April, and I am borderline freaking out about the fact that we’re going to be in the same place for a whole weekend! She and I were totally meant to find each other in this crazy blogging and social media world.)
  • Start buying podcasting equipment. It’s really happening!
  • Finalize podcast title and start working on art/logo. Like I said… it’s really happening!
  • Share draft pages. This is a really scary one for me to put out in the world. One of my goals for this month is to actually let someone read the chapters of my book that I’ve already written. Friends, just typing that out makes me nervous! Even Matt hasn’t read any of my pages before! As stressful as it feels to open this kind of more personal work up to other people, I know that doing so is going to be a really important part of this process — and I’m hoping that it will really inspire me to pick back up on some of that writing momentum that I lost in February.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 4.16.43 PM

  • Refocus on Pinterest. I’ve been reading a lot lately about how Pinterest can be a really important strategy for growing a business — and I also really miss pinning things for my personal life. I want to start using the platform again, and doing some research about how I can put it to use for the blog and podcast, too.
  • Pitch to at least one of the outlets on my target list for 2018. Like I said, I’m loving this as a monthly goal.
  • Read three books. : )
  • Take a day off. I’m moving this one over from February, and hoping I can be a little more intentional about it in March.
  • Taxes. Ugh. I know we’re all in the same boat on this one! Taxes will be interesting for us this year since it’s the first time we’ll be looking at a full year of freelance income from me. We are drowning in documents over here.
  • Work on the book three days a week, every week. Just because I lost a little momentum last month doesn’t mean I can’t pick it up again!
  • Save Fridays for big pitches and passion projects. Our March weekends are a little crazy, but I’m still hoping to make this part of my regular routine. With my focus on bigger, more diverse projects in the weeks ahead, I’m going to need that dedicated time.
  • Find time once a week to write just for meNot for the book and not for my clients — just for me! I think this is going to be really big in helping me stay inspired and creative in all the other work I’m doing.

What are your goals for March? Tell me more in the comments below!