I’m not quite sure how we’re already halfway through the first week of April, but here we are, I guess… and it’s time to talk goals. March was an interesting one around here, with big progress in some areas and next to none in others (trust me — I do not enjoy admitting that). I’m here with all the updates good and bad, plus a plan to make April even stronger.

Here’s a glimpse at the progress on my March Powersheets. In the middle section, the check marks mean “success!” and the dots mean “well, not quite so successful.” Oops.


Let’s tackle my March goals one by one, shall we? In case you missed it, you can read the post where I set all these goals right here.

  • Successfully launch next collaboration with Brittney Lynn.√ YES! You’ve been seeing me share all about our free Partnering for Press webinar series here on the blog and across social media, and I’m happy to say that we’ve had a great response so far! Thanks to all of you who have tuned in! The last of the three-part series is actually going to take place tomorrow night (Thursday 4/5) at 8:00 pm EST, and it would be so fun to have my Finding Plan A family join us to wrap things up. Grab yourself a glass of wine and some snacks, because it’s totally low-pressure! Check out the details and register right here. See you then!

Twitter - April 5 - Chapter 33

  • Start buying podcasting equipment.√ YES! I have a microphone (for my fellow podcasters and aspiring podcasters, I went with this one) and a set of big fancy headphones that can’t wait to be used.
  • Finalize podcast title and start working on art/logo.√ YES! I met with my fabulous designer friend in mid-March to talk all things podcast branding. It was the first time that I really got to talk specifics with someone about this project, and I loved every minute of it. The title is locked down and I’ll get to take a peek at the first pass of the logo in the next week or two. I. can. not. wait.
  • Share draft pages. Things with my book took an interesting turn in March. I had some good work sessions in the first week or two of the month, but I found myself having a bit of a creative crisis after that. I’m finding myself wondering if I’m writing the “right” book… or if the doubts I’m having are just a normal part of the challenging process of becoming an author. I’ll share more about what I’m doing to manage all of this in my April goals, so keep reading!
  • Refocus on Pinterest. √ YES! I shut down my old Pinterest account and started totally fresh. Check it out here.
  • Pitch to at least one of the outlets on my target list for 2018. √ YES!
  • Read three books.√ YES! I read Manhattan Beach (a great piece of historical fiction that I honestly thought may have been just a little too long), Bachelor Nation (the perfect palette cleanser after said historical fiction that I would totally recommend to my fellow reality TV fans!), and FeastYou can learn more about Feast in my March giveaway post (unfortunately, the contest is now closed!), but the short version? I loved it.
  • Take a day off. I’m not proud to say that I didn’t make this one happen in March — and considering I’m inching closer and closer to total burnout every day, I think it might be a non-negotiable for April.
  • Taxes.√ YES Matt was a total champ and braved our complicated freelance tax process all on his own. We’re so relieved to have this behind us!
  • Work on the book three days a week, every week. Like I said above about sharing (or not sharing) draft pages, my book-writing process got turned upside down over the last few weeks. All I can do is try to move forward!
  • Save Fridays for big pitches and passion projects. √ YES I’ve spoken to a few fellow writers who are planning to implement this kind of routine into their own weekly schedule. You may not see it written into every one of my monthly goal posts — I don’t want to bore you! — but you can bet that this one is part of my new normal.
  • Find time once a week to write just for meI pulled this off about half as often as I would have liked to in March. Womp womp. The mental blocks I found myself hitting with working on the book toward the middle of the month kind of freaked me out, and as lame as it sounds, it turned me off of creative writing altogether. Like I said, I have a plan for how to turn things around moving forward!

Let me be totally honest — mentally and creatively, March was a tough one for me. I felt more exhausted and less confident than I have in a long, long time. My workload seemed bigger and more nonstop than ever, and while I made good progress on passion projects like Partnering for Press and the podcast, I can’t help but feel a little guilty for being so stalled on my book. No matter how much momentum I maintain with my existing clients and editors, I’m disappointed in myself when I struggle to move the needle on other things — and, in the case of writing my book, the things that matter most to me.

With the imminent end to winter weather (that has to happen soon, right?) and some new ideas about how to get inspired and stay focused, I have high hopes for April. Here’s what I’m working toward:

  • Start scheduling podcast recordings. This sounds a little boring and logistical, but it’s going to bring me a lot closer to hitting that June launch date for the show : )
  • Restore a positive attitude about writing the book! I’m reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (if you’re a writer, you need to get your hands on this one ASAP!) and it really has my wheels turning about how to get back on my creative writing game. She offers some great assignments that I think will help me figure out if it’s time to redirect the subject matter entirely or simply dive back into what I’ve already started. I’m going to stop putting pressure on myself to work on drafting the book for a certain number of days per week and instead take that time to work on these assignments and get my confidence back.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 5.15.29 PM

  • Plan travel to Ignite Your Soul Summit. At the end of the month, Brittney and I are finally going to meet in person (!!!!!!) at Amber Lilyestrom’s Ignite Your Soul Summit in New Hampshire. Before that magic can happen, I need to finalize my travel logistics.
  • Read three books. As always! This month, I have a feeling I might actually get to four.
  • Pitch to 1-2 target outlets. Again… as always!
  • Create social media for the podcast. I can’t wait to build a community for podcast listeners… and to have you all be part of it! This month, I’ll be setting up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts so that when the time comes, you can join.
A very blurry photo of me at my high school graduation TEN years ago. TEN!
  • Finalize reunion details. I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school, but that decade milestone seems to have really snuck up on me, because planning for the reunion has officially begun! I’m working with an awesome team of former classmates, and I think we’re going to have some of the logistics ironed out by the end of April.
  • Take a GarageBand editing tutorial. For the time being, I’m going to be editing the podcast myself, and while I have some basic editing experience, I need to brush up. I’ve been jokingly calling Matt my producer, but a girl’s gotta be able to rely on herself!
  • Have one phone-free night per week. I’ve been thinking a lot about phone boundaries in 2018, and while I think I’ve already made good progress, I want to challenge myself even further. A lot of people are big believers in social media-free weekends. I can’t say I’m quite there yet, but I do like the idea of putting my phone in the bedroom as I’m finishing up work one night per week so that I can be fully present with Matt for the few hours we have between dinner and bedtime.
  • TAKE A DAY OFF! We’ve gone all caps, people. This needs to happen. Do any of my fellow freelancers or solopreneurs have specific suggestions for how to plan a random day off? I’m very, very open to your ideas.

What are your goals for April? Fill me in with a comment!