It’s kind of hard for me to believe this, but it was exactly two years ago that I got myself a WordPress account, paid for the Finding Plan A domain name, and started drafting blog posts.

I’d given notice at my corporate job a few days earlier, and while I wasn’t quite sure what it would look like for me to become a professional writer, I knew that creating a small space for my informal writing on the Internet would probably be a good first step. If nothing else, I figured that my friends and family would be interested in reading more about how I was navigating the transition from 8-to-5 girl to freelancer. I spent my nights after work learning as much as I could about how to use WordPress effectively and reading articles on random lifestyle sites, imagining a day when I would be able to find my own writing there. I was trying to seem confident, but two years later, I can admit that I was grasping at straws, doing everything I could to prepare to enter the unknown so that the whole thing would feel a little less scary.

Ultimately, this space did serve as the gateway for so many other things, and while I don’t generally define myself as a Blogger (capital B) or think about the blog as a big chunk of my Business (another capital B), I am so grateful for all of the opportunities it has offered me to share my experiences and to connect with so many amazing people! The journey that I’ve been on as a freelancer really did start right here, and it’s hard for me to believe that it’s now been more than two years since I came up with the idea for it and started putting it into motion.

There’s going to be a lot more sentimental stuff like this here as we approach the two-year anniversary of me actually leaving my job in mid-September (huh???), but as I prepared to share the August giveaway with you, I couldn’t help but reflect on this quiet little milestone. I may have launched Finding Plan A on Sept. 23, but it was in the works for weeks before that, and that period of development and planning is worth celebrating, too!

Without further ado, though, I’m also happy to celebrate another GIVEAWAY DAY! 

This month, I’ll be giving away a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble!


know you have plenty of books you want to pick up! I love summer reading, but there’s something equally special about knowing that fall is upon us, and that it will soon be time to curl up with a good read under a big pile of blankets. I hate to see summer go, but that visual definitely helps me cope.

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post! Share the love by sending the link to book-loving friends and loved ones, or by posting it to social media.

I’ll (randomly) draw and announce the winner one week from today, Thursday 8/30. Good luck!