Hi — I’m Alli! I’m so glad you’re here.


This is a space for getting to know each other, so let me tell you a little about myself.

I live in the coziest Brooklyn apartment you ever did see. Getting here from my suburban Pennsylvania hometown required a stint in Washington, D.C. (where I made the most amazing friends) and many, many long commutes on the bus (where I read a lot of books). I love reading, fitness, rainbow sprinkles, bright lipstick, watching embarrassing television, exploring the city with my (new-ish) husband Matt, and girl chats with my straight-talking, hilarious friends. I fully admit to being a neat freak and to laughing at my own jokes perhaps more than is appropriate. Oops!

After five years surrounded by books working in a dream corporate publishing job, I left my company in September 2016 to pursue my first love: writing. I’ve been on this journey back to Plan A for more than a year now (where does the time go?), but I’m still oh-so-happy to have you with me through all the ups and downs of work and life.